Simple Blackjack

4.2 ( 4712 ratings )
Jeux Carte Casino
Développeur Simple Diversions, LLC
0.99 USD

You play one-on-one against the dealer.

You can bet however much you like (assuming you have the money) and you can double-down and split (only once).

Included are options to set the number of hands in a shoe (1,4,5,6,7,8), options to tweak when the shoe is re-shuffled, and options to reset player wins/losses and player money back to the initial $500.

A handy odds/strategy chart is included as well.

The game will save your money, your wins, and your losses so you always know how you are performing.

The Rules are Simple:

1.You will start with a bankroll of $500.
2.To set your bet, click the chips.
3.To deal the hand, double-tap the screen.
4.To hit, swipe your finger down.
5.To stand, swipe your finger right.
6.To double down, double-tap the screen.
7.A split button will appear when splitting is allowed. (Only One Split)

Dealer stands on soft 17.

No Five-card Charlie.
No Surrender.
Insurance Bets = Half Original Bet